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Fujitsu heat pumps offer an excellent alternative to central heat pump systems. Through the Wall Condensing Units & Heat Pumps. Ductless Air Conditioners are on sale at! Remote Control For Fujitsu ASU7RLF ASU9RLF ASY09LA ASY14RNA AC … has been serving the Greater Toronto Area for over 25 years. url('/sn_uploads/fck/campagne-2017/fujitsu/akrobat-semibold-webfont.ttf') format('truetype'); Section 3 - Coming to Terms with Heat Pumps. #mob3 {display: none; visibility: hidden;} Prix Prix. 14,500 BTU, @media (min-width :1025px){ Universal Outdoor Mini Split Mounting Bracket for Heat Pump Systems Up to 500lbs, 9000-36000 BTUs with Installation Kits & Hardware Included, Steel & Powder-Coated . #view-mob {display: none; visibility: hidden;} Renowned for their performance, ultra-quiet operation and unrivaled reliability, Fujitsu wall mounted heat pumps guarantee true peace of mind. -ms-flex-pack: center; #mob2 {display: none; visibility: hidden;} Call Us: +1-800-686-2175 Mon-Fri: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm EST Send us an email at Small, single zone units can cost less than $1,000 while the largest systems cost more than $6,0000. Contact a Pro Home / Manufacturers / Fujitsu / Fujitsu Heat Pumps Together with our stakeholders we contribute to the future of society. How Does an Air-Source Heat Pump Work? Guide to heat pump systems based on their efficiency at different temperatures. VR-II SERIES. Don't over spend chasing efficiency. @font-face { © 2021 The Master Group | The oldest and largest independent distributor in the air conditioning, heating, geothermal systems, ventilation and refrigeration fields in Canada. src: url('/sn_uploads/fck/campagne-2017/fujitsu/Akrobat-SemiBold.otf'); font-family: "akrobat-extrabold"; display: -webkit-box; The best heat pump for our Canadian winter climate will have an HSPF that is 13 or better and operates to -20°C or below efficiently. Vertical Packaged Units. The best heat pumps will still maintain their capacity, even when it’s cold. Welcome to the Fujitsu General Resource Center. .dealer-fujitsu-2017:hover {background-color:#ff4a1f;color:#ffffff;} justify-content: center; font-family: "akrobat-semibold"; 34" Head, Programmable, 8 Degree Motion Sensor Set Back, this is the best single head I have seen! Free shipping . } They work well in both residential and commercial settings. Ceiling/Floor Console. Smart, multi-featured, whisper quiet, advanced healthy sir filters, fantastic efficiencies with all the heating you'll ever need. This area is loaded with valuable information such as rebates, case studies, videos, news, press releases, an efficiency calculator and an easy way to locate your local Fujitsu General contractor. VICTORIA 250 479-2772 Address: 880 Douglas Street Suite 300 Victoria, BC V8W 2B7 TORONTO 416 363-8661 Address: 155 University Avenue Suite 1600 The Halcyon’s Energy Savings Program (ESP) system knows how to save you money even when you forget! All Fujitsu Halcyon ductless mini-split air conditioners and heat pumps include long-life ion deodorizing filters. .button-mob Products Nova Scotia's #1 Installing Heat Pump Contractor for 2019! With seven year warranty for compressors, five years for parts and five years for labour (through, Fujitsu provides excellent support for their ductless mini-splits. .container{ @media (max-width: 767px){ DESIGNER Range A sleek, super compact design at just 185mm deep to blend in seamlessly wih the decor of your home or workplace. .testimonials {padding-right:0; background-repeat:no-repeat; background-size:520px; height: 100%; background-image:url(/sn_uploads/fck/fujitsu/testimonials_bckg.png);} font-family: 'akrobatsemibold'; [service_box title=”” subtitle=”” icon=”no” text=”” btn_text=”Contact Us To Get Started Today” btn_link=”contactus” btn_size=”large” target=”_self” custom_class=”style_7″], [service_box title=”” subtitle=”” icon=”no” text=”” btn_text=”Contact, Inc. about a Fujitsu Halcyon system today!” btn_link=”contactus” btn_size=”large” target=”_self” custom_class=”style_7″]. elegant, ultra-thin airflow. Fujitsu utilizes R-410A which is a zero ozone depleting refrigerant for all of their Halcyon ductless models in accordance with the Montreal Protocol. 12,000 BTU, 15RLS3HY -ms-flex-align: center; During the heating season, a heat pump moves heat … For 2015, Fujitsu has introduced the world’s most energy efficient air conditioner at 33 SEER!. That means you will … .divTableRow {display: table-row;} Discreet yet effective. .divTableHeading {background-color: #EEE; display: table-header-group;} Single-stage heat pumps do not dehumidify as well, they’re not as efficient and they are noisier than the other two types. Fujitsu wall mounted air conditioners and wall mounted heat pumps are designed to offer constant comfort in any season and their very high efficiency ratings result in substantial savings in your electricity bills. By utilizing inverter circuits in many of their ductless units, Fujitsu is able to provide optimum power control and very efficient operation. @font-face { @media only screen and (min-width :1025px){ The upside is lower cost. Save this search. .divTableHeadingblue {background-color: #e82e2f; display: table-header-group;} 12,000 BTU, 15RLS3Y }