retropie trackball setup

If you’re using a controller without a trackball the spinner is plug and play, but getting both the trackball and spinner working together takes a little more work. Close . How to set up your Xtension Emulator Edition Controller with RetroPie using the Raspberry Pi . The following instructions assume that you are familiar with OpenCADE and have already assembled a console with at least one Joystick+buttons and added a USB extension. I dont even know how to install Mame 2010. shuffleshot and shuuz are the best (IMO) multiplayer track ball games running properly on mame. I followed the below Game Room Solutions video to setup a trackball, but is the same for the spinner, because they are bothe recognized as a mouse, GRS Trackball Setup We need to make a change to the picodrive emulator so that the Sega Genesis uses 6 buttons instead of 3. RetroPie allows you to turn your Raspberry Pi or PC into a retro-gaming machine. Hello everyone. Xarcade2Jstick exclusively captures the keyboard events of the X-Arcade Tankstick and maps these events to corresponding events on two virtual gamepad devices. Use the Right control to highlight