dead air muzzle brake vs surefire warcomp

Weight: 2.25 oz J-Comp is one of the best brakes out there for sure. They look cool, but the blast is just…. I picked up a rock river r3 competition upper whenever I built my AR a few years back. Brakes on AR’s are just obnoxious on the range. As we saw in the .30 cal test, though, a good design is a good design, and relative performance carried over between calibers very closely. Part of my motivation, besides scientific curiosity, is the fact that I purchased an M72 and found that it didn’t come close seem to canceling all muzzle rise on my lightweight carbine. The customer replies and the stranger says “He must be a genius to have fit a suit so well to a deformed cripple like you.”. Finish: bead blast or many Cerakote color options New price – $82 – VooDoo Innovations Jet Comp 5.56 Out of stock. Finish: bead blast stainless or black nitride I have not found myself surprised by my real-word perception of felt recoil not aligning with results of the sled testing. Finish: black [Wts] 5/8x24 .30 cal muzzle devices; dead air key mount muzzle brake, Surefire Warcomp, Daniel Defense A2 flash hider [AL] Hello my peeps, I have some things for you to buy. Although I don’t yet have access to professional dB metering equipment to test volume level claims, I figured the same gas-trapping principals were likely to lead to a change in recoil reduction. Can we not post pictures here? Machining and finish are above average (and my loaner is used). As you can clearly see in the photo above, the ports are angled rearwards; a common theme among all of the top-performing brakes. Machining and Cerakoting are both very clean. Maybe if you’ve had rotator cuff surgery, or you’re shooting a full-auto rifle. I think it’s fair to say that Phase 5 was going for some loud aesthetics when they came up with the FATman brake. Diameter (at largest point): 1.0″ Weight: 2.665 oz It’s also so, so wrong. We clearly have a lot of good options. I believe it went from a 2.4 in the first test, to a 2.9 in the third.. so im just curious as to what changed? It’s a very clean piece. A2 was also in both flash hiding tests already (and I don’t think there will be a third), as was the VooDoo Innovations Manimal, which is an extended-length A2 just like what you’re talking about. New price – $160 – Cobalt Kinetics EVOLVE Pro Comp (Sound of Madness) Muzzle Brake: This was another brake I wished had wrench flats while resorting to the ol’ screwdriver-through-the-port trick, then I felt stupid when I later found the tool it ships with sitting in my bag. I really hate living in NY. Surefire Muzzle Brake Suppressor Adapter 5.56. When shooting 5.56 through the .30 caliber end cap, the Sandman Ti reduced rearwards recoil by 46.69%. Some of that was actually because I didn’t believe it would net a noteworthy performance. We also crowned a new champion; one that I’m going to have to purchase in case there’s a test #4 in the cards. I got a real kick out of your comprehensive review, especially your thoroughness in data analysis. Material: steel No Change – Troy Industries Proctor Muzzle Brake This bad boy landed in third place, providing a whopping 72.93% reduction in recoil. I have read all of the tests and I appreciate all the great information as I like to read a lot before making any purchases for my rifles. Extended A2s are available from a handful of companies, but the VooDoo is the one I got and as far as I know they’re all effectively identical (other than parkerized or black oxided or nitrided, but physically they’re the same and would perform the same). Diameter (at largest point): 0.94″ I have found them to perform as good if not better than some of my direct thread suppressors. Obviously this is easier said than done, as 90% of your body mass is below your shoulder line, so a rearwards push at the shoulder level is going to make a person lean back unless they’re in a proper stance/position. I think it’s obvious why mounting accessories to your muzzle brake isn’t a great idea. 98002. 2) NO, it is not perfect. Weight: 3.422 oz Pretty much every muzzle device available technically reduces flash as compared to the bare muzzle. Weight: 3.299 oz Diameter (at largest point): 0.866″ The more venting designed into those shields, the less effective they’ll be at focusing blast, gas, pressure, noise, etc forwards but the more effective they’ll be at compensating and/or reducing recoil. Leaving the un-touched-up, raw machined finish is a bit ballsy as it leaves every little nick and imperfection fully visible. Netting a 62.7% recoil reduction in a tiny, lightweight package means I’m definitely a fan. Very weird brake for bystanders, not concussive but sends a strong breeze to the sides... Surefire ProComp falls squarely in … First because it would cost half as much to run the identical but non-suppressor-accepting versions of the same brakes and second because once you have that suppressor I just don’t think it’s important to 99% of owners how the muzzle device performs without the can on it. It’s highly consistent and repeatable. Solid recoil reduction, low blast & concussion, low flash/fire for a brake, very low price. Length: 2.44″ Length: 2.286″ Dead/ Bad Links – Lund/SJC .223 Titan Compensator, Link Update 3 of 3 Then I stood by my buddy at the range while he shot his braked .308, and I came to the conclusion that using such a device at a range with other people in close proximity is just inconsiderate. Cody, pick any brake you like and add an Indian Creek Design BFD to the package, it will give you all the brake capabilities you want and throw the blast downrange too. I doubt there would be much if any swapping of ranks (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 10th, etc.). It just seems like a company would realize that kinda thing is problematic before they start marketing it. Weight: 2.55 oz MSRP: $135.00 Our Price: $129.00. You FUDS are no better than the control freak liberals who are constantly demanding what people should or should not own, what size magazines they only need, or how no one needs machine gun or black rifle… Hopefully soon it will be your disgusting type who will no longer be welcome at our firearm ranges. I used to be that macho idiot who could take severe noise. It may not be a truly desired method of reducing recoil when you’re talking about muzzle brakes, but it does correlate directly to real recoil reduction that you experience while shooting and I don’t think it’s fair to tune it out. Length: 2.373″ Material: steel Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Material: 416R stainless steel core and cap, titanium sleeve Production versions should be without machining flaws. , Great test otherwise and you are doing a great job putting numbers to something otherwise govern by feelings! Dyspeptic- I helped develop the Indian Creek Design BFD (blast forwarding device) that Jeremy S is testing. No Change – White Sound Defense FOSSA-556. Knight’s Armament Triple Tap Flash Suppressor/Compensator: Wire EDM-machined from Inconel, the ~$450 KAC 3T puts the MAMS’ price tag to shame. Via feedback I’ve received from companies whose brakes were in these tests and from people directly, the vast, vast majority of people are making a purchasing decision based on a combination of — weighted totally differently for everyone! I had strapped it down for the flash hiding tests so maybe I had that on the mind. Finish: Ionbond DLC MSRP: $59.95. Or even a 7mm using 160+ grain pills. The black oxide finish was done very well. I measured how far the rig slid back for each shot. Fortis muzzle brake Material: steel To attempt to do “perfect” I’d be spending like 10 grand haha…and I think we’d end up seeing these brakes perform and rank (ranking compared to each other) so very close to what’s in these tests that it wouldn’t even almost be worth the time or money. So no kicking up dirt there. It’s more compact, but it’s still a recoil cutting beast with an over 68% reduction. This will determine if the weight of the muzzle brake is one of the factors in the effectiveness of one at reducing recoil. Diameter (at largest point): 0.829″ Finish: nitride But I have a lot of brakes to round up for that and the funding is low. Tactical Advantage Armory CC-23 Titanium Muzzle Brake: CC may stand for “C-Comp” or something, and I think it’s obvious from the side view why TAA may have called it that. I’m contemplating pinning this to my Faxon 14.5″ pencil barrel even after buying a VG6 Epsilon for it.. I liked it because that shows how clustered the brakes are on cost, yet widely distributed on quality. ©COPYRIGHT 2021, THETRUTHABOUTGUNS.COM ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. People always ask me why my AR’s are “so quiet” on the range. Weight: 2.271 oz They’re all very confident they’ll beat the M4-72 and the Titan hands-down. No Change – Tactical Advantage Armory 3P-23 Titanium 3%er Muzzle Brake Do you have a suggestion? It’s pleasant to shoot, although it’s the same on all four sides so it could kick up dust pretty well from prone. As a Patron you can also get free stuff, join live streams, gain early access, and more. In every way it’s a solid muzzle brake / compensator choice, and at a lower price point I think it would be one of the more popular brakes on the market. Diameter (at largest point): 1.2″ New price – $89 and up – Venom Defense & Design AR-10, 2-Port Compensator Welcome to the third installment of our 5.56 muzzle brake testing series. Hey Jeremy, interesting series. Mass is a legitimate way to reduce recoil and it absolutely is a factor. Extremely valid point. We’ve tested something like 165 muzzle devices thus far, and test 4 is going to have a slightly tighter focus on gathering new data as well as most likely crowning a new champion as we have three or four brakes that manufacturers designed specifically to win this test haha. I’m very happy with it. Everything is stupid loud, and it’s generally incredibly boring to boot. I did a scatter plot of recoil vs. price. Length: 2.2″ Diameter (at largest point): 1.198″ Low life control freaks, the lot who think they way you do. Weight: 3.461 oz The rifle I want already comes with a suppressor, but I’m not even sure if it comes off. MSRP: $149.99 Our Price: $129.00. It’s FUDS like you who want to tell others how to enjoy their firearms, who are the people I can not stand at the range. Doubles as a Surefire suppressor mount as well which may be a bonus for you in the future. I was simply suggesting doing a test or two to see how much of a factor it is. I swapped between some of the ones that caught my eye during that period) and I think my “shoulder dyno” is pretty decently calibrated haha. From hunters and military members, to competition shooters and general firearm enthusiasts, we welcome anyone who values and respects the way of the firearm. I have the J-Type and a King Comp, got them just to see how “inexpensive” worked out. Do you understand the difference between a flash, Yes I understand. Material: 4140 steel Weight: 3.551 oz Diameter (at largest point): 1.065″ Its adjustable allegedy, and also 160$. Like most muzzle devices that act as QD mounts for a specific company’s suppressors, I think it would be a bit of an odd choice should one not own a matching suppressor. —————————————————————– Material: 4140 steel or 17-4 stainless steel Finish: Ionbond DLC That one seems to have taken over the PRS/NRL leagues. I’m looking for the best recoil reduction out of a hybrid device, but I want to keep concussion to a minimum. Material: Copper alloy (as tested), also available in steel, titanium, and sometimes other metals Griffin Armament Sdqd Material: Inconel I’d even go as far as to say I don’t like any sort of ranges, outdoor or indoor. This time around we’ve put 42 new muzzle devices to the test, measuring the recoil reduction performance of each. The Precision Armament M4-72 was king of the recoil reduction hill against 138 other 5.56 competitors and 23, .30 cal competitors, but it just got Joffrey’d by the SJC Titan. How does the Strike Industries Triple Crown stack up? 1) Add extra weight at or near the end of the barrel of one of the lightweight muzzle brakes so the AR-15 weighs the same as it does when a better performing heavier muzzle brake is installed. MSRP: $69 and up. more details buy. The proprietary design of SureFire’s WARCOMP flash hiders/suppressor adapters provides the best attributes of both devices. Thanks for your response Jeremy and MUCH thanks for the great service you’ve provided to the shooting community through the hard and we’ll thought-out labors involved in your tests! That’s huge in competition, it’s fun when plinking, it can be important for multiple reasons when hunting, and it’s nice when target shooting. Keeping the gun still means the sights stay right on target (or get progressively closer to staying on target as you reduce more and more recoil), allowing for faster, more accurate shooting. The recoil isn't bad on the 556 too. The handguard is an O2 Lite from ODIN Works. Finish: black oxide I have found them to perform as good if not better than some of my direct thread suppressors. All stated weights and dimensions are as measured by me. MSRP: $95. I don’t love recoil, but if I can manage 40 rounds through my 8lbs with scope Sako .308 bolt gun with no muzzle device and maybe have only a slightly tender shoulder wearing a t-shirt, I think with probably a 9lb semi-auto I’ll manage just fine. The XTC cut recoil by over 63% and, like the RAC, the machining is flawless. MSRP: $69. …and shooting an AR without ear protection isn’t gutsy, it’s stupid. I’ll see if I can do your test, though, at some point. Subdued look, too, which is either good or bad (aesthetics being completely subjective, of course). Finish: black nitride on steel, sleeve left raw Yea, OK, the reduction in recoil might be an issue – on a .308/7.62. Stop telling others what they “need” or “should do”. Thanks Jeremy for all of your hard work and excellent information. Click here to jump to its point in the video, and here for the additional Titan vs. M4-72 back-to-back testing. The sniff test is basically 1) is there any mention of flash reduction in the company materials and 2) does it clearly have recoil-reducing design features. Again, I tell them “That’s going to hurt.” In this case, a little more mass is a Good Thing. Obviously it would be obnoxiously loud on my MK18 rifles. Dead Air Pyro Enhanced Muzzle Brake. As a NooYawkuh, small part of me is almost thankful for that provision of the SAFE Act, as many of the brakes have disappeared. It has a flash can on it which mitigates concussion for the shooter and others near you but multiplies the recoil effect. When you’re ready for peace and quiet use the KeyMount brake to quickly attach your Sandman-L™, Sandman-S™, Sandman-K™, or KeyMo equipped Nomad-30 to your rifle. I’ve been very excited to recoil test this “flash hiding compensator” since it nearly won Flash Hiding Test #2, despite not technically being just a flash hider. DA101When you're ready for peace and quiet use the Keymount Brake to quickly attach your Sandman-L or Sandman-S to your rifle. Finish: bead blast titanium or many Cerakote color options (mine is machined stainless),,,,,, As with everything I’ve seen from Precision Armament, machining and finish are industry-leading. Note: there is no comparison whatsoever between the inch measurements in this test and those in the previous 5.56 tests (or the .30 cal test). Great performance, great machining, great finish, all at a great price. I don’t even believe “muzzle rise” exists in the AR platform as a function of the firearm itself but is, rather, completely caused by the shooter and to different degrees by different shooters, which is why you can’t properly compensate for it with a muzzle device unless it’s tunable for that (and some of them are!). It’s big, angular, and has a lot of visual interest, looking particularly cool with its base tucked underneath an extended handguard. Diameter (at largest point): 0.951″ Here’s a question: many California gun owners are looking for muzzle brakes proven NOT to reduce flash. Comps, as opposed to pure brakes, have a DOWNWARD push to them as well. Once again though, V Seven’s machining and finish is great. If a #4 is done I’d be interested to see how they perform. It’s also well beyond deafening to anyone who would be gutsy enough to try a shot without ear pro, I’m really not a “muzzle rise” compensation fan. You may also be interested in the AR-15 Drop-In Trigger Roundup here. Diamondhead’s T-Brake was a hot request in the comments of muzzle brake test #1 and #2, both here and on YouTube. I may do that. Finish: black (also available in matte stainless finish) For rock-solid mounting of a SOCOM Series suppressor, unparalleled flash reduction, and minimizing muzzle rise, there’s literally nothing like a SureFire WarComp—the world’s most shootable flash hider. Surefire Warden Blast Diffuser. One shot can display a lot of flash, a second shot none, and a third something in between. By the time you’re in a .338, yes, a brake can really help. However, I’m not sure what you expect the guy who has one, who maybe has to frequent the indoor range to sight in his 3gun rifle, to do. It certainly becomes an issue by the time you’re up into the .300 WinMag or heavier rounds. The utility in cutting recoil by a huge percentage is very clear for many types of shooting. Well, except I wish I had gone with M-LOK instead of KeyMod just for personal preference and consistency reasons. Timing it is not necessary, as that’s the job of the Ti sleeve, which goes on next. You may also be interested in the AR-15 Drop-In Trigger Roundup here. . We did extensive research on the pressures the BFD could be exposed to in various rifle applications, and can do the same for any other application prior to working on specific mounting issues that may occur. Length: 2.304″ The Black Dawn Muzzle Brake’s baffles are unique in both functional and aesthetic design, with no top or bottom to them outside of the internal bore area (and no baffle wall inside the bore area), which also leaves unusually small, rectangular ports. I started looking for flash hiding/compensation. Can’t wait to leave this hell hole located below NY and east of Pennsylvania. The Cerakote job on my sample was done evenly and thoroughly, but the machining leaves something to be desired. Put any muzzle device on that compensates for “muzzle rise,” though, and the muzzle will shoot downwards. ... WARCOMP Flash Hider. The 3%er here is a bit of an homage to the III% patriot/constitutionalist movement, with baffles cut in the pattern of III%. I’d be running it bare brake in all cases except for shooting next to other people or shooting indoors, in which case I’d toss the shield on. It produces strong, shockingly-repeatable results at very lost cost and complexity, but perfect it is not. Length: 2.51″ When I do show up with my brake’d .338 WM, I tell people up and down the line how obnoxious my .338 will be. One huge benefit was the sound impulse being diverted as well as the brake blast. Length: 3.372″ Devices that slam the muzzle down drive me crazy. Griffin’s M4SD line of suppressors and muzzle devices uses the same QD mounting grooves as the A2 birdcage, meaning their suppressors work on an A2 and their muzzle devices work with most other brands of A2-compatible suppressors. I’m trying to figure out if there is any true utility for such devices on a gun that’s already so tame that a child can enjoy shooting it. Material: 17-4PH stainless steel Maybe if the pressure testing thing goes well. 1) train to shoot from a more stable position/stance so the torso doesn’t get leaned back from recoil 2) hold the gun in a better location in the shoulder pocket or even over towards the pec — lower so the bore line (buffer tube line) is against the body instead of floating in air and 3) reduce rearwards recoil push, as it’s what’s actually causing the shooter to create “muzzle rise” from a gun that doesn’t inherently exhibit any. I think I may have forgotten that I didn’t affix it previously. A 64% recoil reduction is surprising for a comp. HS precision slim 3-port muzzlebrake 78.18 / 5.679 to give you 13.7665 percentage points of reduction per ounce for the SJC). No Change – Lilja Heartbraker Muzzle Break Length: 2.803″ I understand everything you’ve just said and agree. Good job, I’m glad to hear someone is going something to save people’s hearing. just skimmed over this but it seems as though the study fails to take into account vertical muzzle rise? First, the core gets installed on the rifle. I’m fully willing to believe that this was a complete and total fluke, and Armageddon Tactical immediately offered a replacement, no questions asked, while also stating that they’ll be upping their inspection protocol to ensure this can’t happen in the future. I bought a gel-filled recoil pad for $27 that I placed over the butt stock on my AR and it reduced felt recoil by at least 50 to 60% and my next add-on will be a flash can. The full size 2 port brake was my actual point of contention with the Paladin being referred to as an inferior compromise that still performs somewhat even on on a 16″ 308. …although, now that I’m looking at the photograph again (the brake went to Tyler Kee for use with his TBAC cans), it appears as though one of the suppressor mounting threads is squished…, Material: steel 11-06-2016, 06:49 AM. The VooDoo Jet Comp is a simple, well-made, 3-port brake that performs extremely well. New price – $94 – ODIN Works ATLAS 5 Comp My loaner sample was well used and abused, but it’s clear that it was machined with great precision and deburred and smoothed out afterwards. No Change – Tactical Advantage Armory NT-23 Titanium Muzzle Brake Please consider supporting this sort of testing via my Patreon page. Make a white background board with bold horizontal reference lines drawn at 1 inch intervals, and post it 90 degrees to the left of the shooter. Weight: 6.138 oz On a .223/5.56 AR my preference is that I really don’t want any downwards force on the muzzle at all. Don’t make muzzle brakes for centerfire rifle calibers from aluminum!) Diameter (at largest point): 0.876″ But the actual design of the baffles is identical and, therefore, their performance in recoil reduction is identical. Email if you’re interested. My hypothesis is that the downward push imparted by comps MIGHT be effective in the bigger picture and MIGHT be part of the reason why they remain so popular even though pure brakes seem to be more effective at pure recoil mitigation. Diameter (at largest point): 0.865″ Seeing as how this is a new item, with little to no reviews, I figured some might find a review and comparison helpful. I’ll just be fighting it and having to pull the muzzle back up to target with my support hand. ... SureFire Warcomp. You can find the first one here, the second one there, and a .30 caliber version here. Clearly, a lot of people find the triangular shape compelling and wanted to know how the recoil reduction stacks up. Finish: black oxide (as tested) or AlTiN Any way you slice it, there will be pain. The suit looks marvelous! Never mounted Dead Air Key Mount- $55 shipped price $69.95. MSRP: $89.18. The M4-72 is smaller and lighter than the Titan, but it also spits more fire. It’s the shooter who makes that happen by leaning their torso back and/or allowing the gun to roll up their shoulder. Amazing! For more info, refer t… There’s no vertical muzzle rise on an AR15…. Had to pin a muzzle brake in addition to my pinned stock. Flash hiding test #1 is here, and #2 here. MSRP: $115. And how could I go without mentioning the cool packaging? Although it isn’t currently available for purchase separately, I was able to get my hands on one and figured we may as well include it in this test, especially considering the unique design. Length: 2.752″ Diameter (at largest point): 1.081″ Do you often need flash hiding? MSRP: $125. Material: heat treated stainless steel bar stock Weight: 2.337 oz C’mon. The guys who make me shake my head the most are (eg) the guys who want a .300 WM in a 6 pound rifle, and they want to hurl 180 grain pills downrange. — aesthetics/design, price, recoil reduction performance, concerns about blast/flash/concussion/volume, expected muzzle stability performance, etc. . JoeBob dun saved you $9.05! MSRP: $129. Click here to jump to its point in the video, and here for the additional M4-72 vs. Titan back-to-back testing. I mean, we don’t really care about recoil on a .556; we care about MUZZLE RISE. brake is adorned with Picatinny rail. Diameter (at largest point): 0.933″ That makes no sense. Light tool marks on the circumference, a couple nicks on the 90° edges, and one or two really small points where finish is missing. You must log in or register to reply here. if you are, let me know and we’ll send over some of the Indian Creek Design BFD’s. With so many AR’s, however, I’m reminded of that old tale of the incompetent tailor with a glib tongue: upon picking up their suit, a customer realizes that it doesn’t even remotely fit, but the tailor convinces the customer to hunch over like so, hike up his left arm into the sleeve by three inches, twist a little bit to the right, walk in a half-step and presto! Definitely won’t manage the muzzle flash as the original 3 prong style, but do you think it will make a difference for recoil? Dead/ Bad Links – V Seven Weapon Systems V SEVEN Muzzle Brake Venting gas into those rearwards-facing baffles once again seems to work very well, as the NT-23 was a top performer here turning in a 69% recoil reduction. It was effectively a wash. Once again, I stress that if opportunity presents itself, try before you buy. Thanks for your help, and reviews! I noted obvious errors on many manufacturers’ sites so chose not to use any of their info across the board. Flash Hider / Suppressor Adapter. Im sure the muzzle flash would be outrageous as well. I, being a gunsmith, just think that lots of people overlook the thing that you allude to in your posting – the fit of the firearm. But on the first one I don’t feel compelled to do that. Finish: black nitride If you’re looking for the most recoil reduction possible at the lowest weight possible, then I suggest doing the maths for all the muzzle devices in the test (percentage divided by weight; e.g. No wrench flats, despite a perfect place for them. ——————————- Yes, that’s right. The second mag of full-auto is going to show a damn steady AR no matter what’s on the muzzle, IMHO, with a good shooter. Machining is pretty dang clean, but as you can tell my loaner from Lisa Marie AKA “Lady 3 Gun” is very, very used. I don't think I have ever run an AR that didn't benefit - at least in follow-up shots - from some muzzle control device. So unless you expected me to have hopped in my DeLorean and hit 86 mph and shot into the future to pick up a couple Paladins only to go back into the past to include them in this 2-year-old test perhaps you could slow your roll. In this test against tough competitors it ended up middle-of-the-road, but over 60% recoil reduction is nothing to sneeze at. Link Update 1 or 3 There’s no right or wrong amount of compensation for it — different people will need different amounts of downwards force on the muzzle to combat how much they allow the gun to push them around. Dead/ Bad Links – Kahntrol Solutions 3-Gun Brake Weight: 3.284 oz Of course, with the end cap welded onto it, there could be more going on inside than meets the eye. Diameter (at largest point): 0.866″ Not much, but enough to notice and to be relatively confident of it. The M4-72’s performance was consistent with the previous shootouts, reducing recoil by 74.03%. I’ll put a link in my profile I guess. I wasn’t familiar with 2111 Arms prior to coming across this comp, and I’m glad that I did. And they all perform pretty dang close on that anyway from what I’ve seen. Hey Jeremy S. I’m looking to get a new muzzle device. A rifle that fits the shooter makes recoil (and overall handling) so much easier on the shooter. Diameter (at largest point): 0.952″ But I also had the “wrong” lower on the gun. I also use at the bench but I figure I need the flash reduction. Actually, most of it is crisp and clean, but on the flat, recessed area on both top and bottom and the wrench flats at rear, there are obvious tool marks that are deep enough to be felt with a fingernail. But my guess is a lot of people buy these things “just because.”. Seems more effective on the 13.7", possibly because of the higher pressures at the muzzle. I’ve had it for a few months and will be writing up a brief review soon, but the short version is that it’s great and I have nothing negative to say at all. Still good – Black Dawn Muzzle Brake Like, uncomfortable to shoot in a range with a roof over the firing position loud, even with plugs and … Quality is excellent in every way. I did not find any of them shuffling the approximate rankings in the sled test that I had estimated in my head (e.g. You have 100 yard indoor rifle ranges? Finish: black matte QPQ nitriding (dark grey matte thick carburizing in titanium) Ferfrans muzzle brake I can't have "some of both" like with the Warcomp. In that testing, it reduced recoil by 60.73% compared to a bare muzzle. I do not foresee a muzzle brake test where I focus on suppressor-accepting brakes.

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